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  • Kitchen Cabinets Should we Reface Replace or Paint1

    Kitchen Cabinets – Should we Reface, Replace or Paint?

    Kitchen cabinets are the highlight of your kitchen. It is one of the few things people remember when they visit your home. As an owner, you wouldn’t want your kitchen cabinet to distract you from making delectable food. So, if your kitchen cabinets already look old and worn out, now is the perfect time to […] More

  • metal buildings perfectly suited for handling the heavy snowfall 2

    Metal Buildings – Perfectly Suited for Handling the Heavy Snowfall

    It’s that time of year again! The air is crisp, and those little white flakes are floating in the air. No matter how much everyone loves hot chocolate, ice sports, and fuzzy sweaters, it doesn’t mitigate the truth that snow can also bring trouble. From frozen pipes to slick roadways, the best way to handle […] More

  • pets at christmas infographic 2
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    Pets At Christmas Infographic

    UK is a nation where the pets are loved the most. The owners treat the pets as part of their families and they even get gifts and presents for their pets on Christmas days. Of the families that own pets, at least 65% get gifts for their furry friends. 44% get gifts for their pets […] More

  • pr then and now infographic 1

    PR Then and Now Infographic

    Press releases have changed over a period of time. Previously, there was a reporter, who used to provide information. These days, there are bloggers, and it has been reported that about 164 million blogs had been published in 2011, an increase from 3 million in the year 2006. In 1832, U.S. postal service had processed […] More

  • st patricks day infographic 1

    St. Patrick’s Day Infographic

    St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated with great fanfare by Christians across the globe. It is necessary to know the history behind this great event. In 395 A.D., St. Patrick was born near Kilpatrick, Scotland. When he was 16 years old, he had been kidnapped and enslaved in Ireland to tend the sheep. According to the […] More

  • How Do Colors Affect Purchases Infographic 1

    How Do Colors Affect Purchases Infographic

    Colors do affect purchases. At the time of marketing new launches, it is very important to take into account color and visual appearance over other factors. Visual appearance is given 93% preference, while texture 6% and sound/smell just 1%. 85% of the shoppers place color as the main reason for the purchase of a particular […] More

  • all eyes on india infographic 1

    All Eyes On India infographic

    Surprising but true! Almost 20% of the people suffering from blindness in the world happen to live in India! Out of the 39 million blind populations all over the world, about 8% live in India. Indeed a country in desperate need of corneal transplants! Cataract has been identified as the leading cause of blindness in […] More

  • how the ipad is revolutionizing industries infographic 1
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    How The iPad Is Revolutionizing Industries Infographic

    As days pass by, we see tablets, most commonly the iPad from Apple, finding more and more application in businesses such as restaurants etc. The uses of these tablets are seen to change the entire process of conducting transactions as well as receiving the feedback from customers. In today’s world driven by data, we are […] More

  • got water why dehydration is making you fat and sick infographic 1

    Got Water? Why Dehydration Is Making You Fat And Sick Infographic

    Dehydration is the removal of water from the premises of the substance or space. From a medical standpoint, the disruption of homeostasis (internal balance of the body) is caused due to the reduction of water content in the body (dry skin, thick deteriorating blood circulation). The normal amount of body water varies between 60 and […] More

  • how to organize your fridge infographic 1

    How To Organize Your Fridge Infographic

    Know your fridge before you start organizing its contents. The top and the middle shelves in your fridge are warmest and are best suitable for pre-prepared foods such as dairy products. Cooked meat and leftovers should be stored in containers in the shelf underneath. The bottom most shelf is the coldest part so it is […] More

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