Apple to Apples: How the Tech Giant Stacks Up Against America’s Favorite Fruit Infographic

Let’s see how Apple (Tech giants) fair against the apple (fruit ). There are over 7,500 different varieties of apples. 72% of the apples are sold fresh, 15% are sold as juice while 14% are sold as sauce! Coming to the tech giants Apple, there have been over 400 different varieties of Apple. 43% of the Apples are sold as I phones, 28% are sold as IPods, 16.7% are IPods while 3.1% are iMacs and MacPros while 9.1% are Mac book Pros are Airs!

An average apple weighs about the same as an iPhone 4s! But it is to be noted that for the cost of an iPhone 4s, we could buy approximately an amazing 2,000 apples! Apples constitute for 28% of the smart phones bought by Americans while the fruit apples constitute for 17% of the total fruit intake In the United States! The average U.S. apple orchard spans over an area of about 30 acres while an average U.S. Apple store covers about .1 acres!

One interesting fact is that China is the leading producer in both the cases! China count for 44% of the world’s apple productions while they produce 100% of the Apples! Russia is the biggest buyer of apples spending about 550 million US dollars! On the other hand, America is the largest Apple buyers and spends as high as 16 billion US Dollars every year! In 2009, 71,000,000 tons of apples were produced amounting to about 30 billion US dollars while in the same year, 138,000 tones of Apple were produced amounting to about 32 billion US dollars.

apple to apples how the tech giant stacks up against americas favorite fruit infographic

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