Career In Social Media Infographic

Facebook has more than eight hundred and fifty million active users. More than one million websites have been integrated with social media networking sites in different ways. Many of the businesses have started acquiring customers via these social media networking sites. The countries that have maximum number of twitter users are USA, Brazil and Japan each with one hundred and seven million, thirty three million and thirty million respectively.

Pinterest has found over ten million hits out of which sixty nine percent the visitors have bought items while twenty five percent of the companies have their account in Pinterest site.

Google+ has more than five hundred million registered users of which forty nine percent are fortune companies. Forty percent of the marketers use this site for advertising purposes and many of the others are planning to expand business via this channel.

Small businesses find social media attractive as they help in connecting with customers, creating visibility and in self-promotion. Businesses that have a social media platform have found an increase in their market exposure. This can be achieved by posting status updates, pictures and videos. Though the majority of users are males, thirty two percent constitute ladies in Google+.

Despite the usage of social media networking sites for marketing purposes, there are around thirty percent of the companies that do not use it to the fullest due to the lack of skilled employees.

career in social media infographicInfographic by: onlinemasters

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