Does Crime Pay? Greatest Heists on Record Infographic

Do you know the biggest cash robbery took place in United States in Dunbar armored facility situated in Los Angeles, California. A total of about eighteen million dollars were robbed. The Dunbar armored Regional Safety inspector who had turned a gang leader was sentenced to twenty four years of imprisonment following this incident. The depot manager and his family were kidnapped in Great Britain at Securitas depot. This incident followed the largest cash robbery in which over one hundred and five million dollars were looted. The thieves who were caught were sentenced to a twenty year of imprisonment. In March 1990, two robbers stole around thirteen art works from famous painters from the Gardner Museum. The paintings that were stolen cost around three hundred million dollars and these robbers were never caught.

Mona Lisa was stolen from France, Louvre Museum. The picture was one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpieces. The robbers were sentenced for about one year of imprisonment. In March 2003, Saddam Hussein committed the largest bank robbery in Iraq. Around one billion dollars were taken away from the bank. Hussein was hanged when convicted. The multimillion dollar pyramid scheme was committed in Thailand. Mae Chamoy Thipyaso was sentenced to more than sixty eight years of imprisonment in the year 1911.

does crime pay greatest heists on record infographic

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