Firearms In The Home: Safe or Dangerous? Infographic

We often happen to come across a debate- Does a firearm in your home really keep your family safe or does it in turn endanger your child’s life? America is the leading country in the ownership of personal firearms. But according to the experts of the American Journal of medicine, a gun does not keep your family safe by any stretch of imagination. The experts concluded their reports saying that the rate of personal ownership of firearms were a noticeable predictor in terms of death caused by firearms.

One astonishing statistics that I would like to put forward here is that in the month of October, 2013, as high as 37% of Americans had personal firearms at their apartments. Also for every 100 people, there are 101.5 guns in the United States. In 2011, more than thirty thousand people were killed in the Libyan Civil war as well as the United States of America by firearms. Out of the thirty thousand deaths in USA, about twenty thousands were suicides. It has been seen that keeping a gun at your place increases your child’s risk of suicide 4-5 times, homicide 4 times and accidental death 4 times. Think again about your ward before you decide to keep a firearm at your place!

firearms in the home safe or dangerous infographic

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