Four Stages Of A Migraine Infographic

Prodrome is a stage of migraine, which tells you about the onset of migraine with neck stiffness, sensitivity of smell and taste, euphoria, constipation, fatigue and food cravings. Aura is the next stage which leads to speech disturbances, numbness or needle sensation, vision of flash lights and objects or loss of vision. Most people do not experience aura before migraine. The migraine attack is what follows when left untreated, which cause one side headache, throbbing and pulsating pain, blurred vision, sensitivity of vision and nausea, which last for 3 days. Postdrone is the final stage, where the affected experiences, weakness and fatigue.

Hormonal changes, disturbed or improper sleep patterns, weather, a few foods and drugs lead to migraine. Holistic treatment is required to treat migraine. Avoid taking citrus fruits, chocolates, eggs, wheat, meat and nuts. This approach is efficacious and very effective in pregnant women. Herbal remedies include butterbur and fever few. You should consult the physician to check if these remedies suit you. Supplements like Riboflavin, Ginkgolide B, Magneisum, Coenzyme, and Omega 3 Fish Oil can be used to treat migraine. There are also other treatment methods like acupuncture, biofeedback and massage therapies that help to relieve the symptoms and pain of migraine.

four stages of a migraine infographic

Infographic by: wholesomeone

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