Gamers Are The New Professional Athletes Infographic

Gamers are known to be professional athletes. Foreign gamers face a lot of issues in remaining in US as they need work permits. US Visas are granted to professional athletes who are extraordinary in their field. There are two such Visas namely 0-1 for athletes and P-1A for sports teams. The US government recognized game players as professional athletes in the year 2013, July. League legends are a championship series that is a recognized sport like NHL and NBA. The event is held in three locations in LA.

Professional gaming and eSports is found to flourish in North American and Europe.Theleague gaming was founded by Sundance DiGiovanni and Mike Sepso. Initially the tournaments grew by the word of mouth. However, later broadcasters took initiatives. Today, the tournament has more than one hundred and seventy competitors across the globe and the matches are broadcasted to more than one hundred and seventy countries. The league of legends has more than thirty two million players per month.

There are exclusive channels that broadcast sports and this has led to more awareness among the masses. Twitch is one such gaming channel that has more than thirty four million users. Gamers watch and chat from anywhere. The Ateam, home improvement, greys anatomy are some of the TV to video games that have a lot of users.

gamers are the new professional athletes infographic

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