Got Water? Why Dehydration Is Making You Fat And Sick Infographic

Dehydration is the removal of water from the premises of the substance or space.

From a medical standpoint, the disruption of homeostasis (internal balance of the body) is caused due to the reduction of water content in the body (dry skin, thick deteriorating blood circulation). The normal amount of body water varies between 60 and 70% of body weight according to age and gender. The reduction occurs due to the imbalance of income and expenditure of water, such as insufficient intake of good quality water (typically stray to the desert or castaway in the open ocean) or excessive expenditure of water that is not adequately offset by income – for example, when a very strong diarrhea, vomiting or strenuous physical performance are accompanied by severe sweating. A special case of high output is polyuria, which accompanies kidney disease or diabetes.

Dehydration is caused when the manifestation of diabetes is not caused by low fluid intake, but on the unrecognized diabetes and one drinks 5 liters per day. The body rids excretion of excess glucose in the blood, which, when the concentration exceeds 10 mmol / L, exceeds the kidney threshold. Kidney is then unable to retain the blood glucose and entrains with the osmotic water. With the higher glucose levels, the body is dehydrated. Dehydration can be life threatening and cause of death in many diseases, especially strong diarrheal diseases (cholera, typhoid).

got water why dehydration is making you fat and sick infographic

Infographic by: getskinnybehappy

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