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A leaf vegetable is a vegetable consumed from the portion of a plant which corresponds to the leaf of the plant. These vegetables are often eaten raw, in salads, with a seasoning for raising its taste. Some, such as cabbage, and meals are prepared in various ways.

Leafy vegetables are low in calories, low in fat, high in protein per calorie, high in dietary fiber, high in iron and calcium, and very high in phytochemicals such as vitamin C, carotenoids, lutein (antioxidant) Folic acid and vitamin K. A vegetable is part edible. This definition, taken by most dictionaries, should be extended to edible fungi, some of which are grown (fungus Paris, shii-take, etc.) and some algae, whose consumption is most developed in the Far East. This portion may be a root (carrot), a rod (celery), a sheet (lettuce), a flower (artichoke), a fruit (bell pepper) or seeds (maize).

The production of fresh vegetables for marketing is the act of gardening, which is a branch of agriculture. A significant portion of vegetables are produced in the gardens by families and essentially self-consumed. Vegetables for preservation (canning, freezing) and legumes are grown in open fields, and their harvest is mostly mechanized. Eating leafy greens is excellent for health.

guide to greens infographic

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