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Healthy Baking Substitutions Infographic

Here are a few recipes to make the everyday food routines healthier. When you make brownies use pureed black beans of a cup for 1 cup of flour. When you bake anything like cookies, breads, use 1 cup of whole wheat flour instead of 7/8 cup of flour. When you use whole wheat flour, the fiber helps in digestion and also lowers the risk of diabetes. Instead of a cup of rice krispies use 1 cup of brown rice cereal and 2 tbsp of flax seed meal. The brown rice has only half the calories of the former but has the same texture. Instead of a cup of butter or oil use ½ cup of fat and 1.2 cup of apple sauce. Use avocado instead of butter.

You can also replace mashed banana for butter. 1 tbsp of chia seeds can be used instead of an egg. Substitute natural peanut butter for refined butter. Skim milk is great and skip heavy cream. Same way coconut flour for ordinary flour, vanilla extra for sugar, prunes for butter, flax meal for eggs, meringue for frosting, graham cracker for cookies, coco nibs for chocolate chips are healthier food options. When you choose these alternatives, you bring down the calories you take and also the risk of diabetes.

healthy baking substitutions infographicInfographic by: greatist


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