History Of Christmas Trees Infographic

Christmas trees, which were used in Latvia in the 15 century were decorated for the first time in 1600 and the first artificial tree came into existence in 1883. Theodore Roosevelt was all for artificial trees as he recommended that tress should not be cut down for decorating. As the over harvesting of trees were considered to be not good, the tree farms were started in 1920. In 1923 the National Christmas tree was decorated and this was in use till 2011 till destroyed by the windstorm. A new one was planted. The first bristle trees were manufactured by the Brush Company in 1930. The feather trees were popular a decade before and were imported from Germany.

In 1940s the flocking kits that can be fixed with vacuum cleaners were popular. The first non-green artificial trees came in 1958 and were made of aluminum. In 1965 Charlie defamed artificial trees resulting the fall in sales, which again boomed in 1980s with the invention of plastic trees. In 1992 46% of the Christmas trees were artificial and this further jumped to 54% in 2004. Currently, artificial trees come with motors, that spin and have multi colored lights, and polyethylene plastics.

history of christmas trees infographic

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