How Do Colors Affect Purchases Infographic

Colors do affect purchases. At the time of marketing new launches, it is very important to take into account color and visual appearance over other factors. Visual appearance is given 93% preference, while texture 6% and sound/smell just 1%. 85% of the shoppers place color as the main reason for the purchase of a particular product. Color does enhance brand recognition by about 80%, since it links directly to confidence in the consumers. Color is a powerful method of design, but not universal. North American shoppers are different from other countries. They are affected by yellow, red, blue, green, pink, black and purple as each color has its own meaning.

The different colors also have been attracting different types of consumers. Impulse shoppers are attracted by Red-orange, black and royal blue; budgeted shoppers with navy blue and teal; traditional buyers with pink, sky blue and rose. Also the place of purchase differs, with the first category preferring clearance sales, outlet malls and fast food joints; second category of purchasers with larger departmental stores and banks, while the last category with clothing stores. Besides color, the other factors of influence include convenience, buzz words and attractive designs. 52% of consumers are more likely to enter a store if there is a sale sign in the window while 60% of consumers are attracted by the word “GUARANTEED” associated with the product.

How Do Colors Affect Purchases Infographic

Infographic by: kissmetrics

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