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How The iPad Is Revolutionizing Industries Infographic

As days pass by, we see tablets, most commonly the iPad from Apple, finding more and more application in businesses such as restaurants etc. The uses of these tablets are seen to change the entire process of conducting transactions as well as receiving the feedback from customers. In today’s world driven by data, we are witnessing a significant evolution in the field of street retailing.

Nowadays it’s a common sight in a fancy restaurant when the waiter comes with the bill along with a tablet in his hand. The tablet is to take the customer review but it could be just as efficiently used to pay the bill too! We often see that when we pay a bill through our debit card, the guy at the store swaps it into a machine and gives us the bill! These machines are called POS! These machines are so commonly used that the customers take it for granted! However what we keep on forgetting is that these machines are extremely costly and require a lot of bucks to be set up in a store! With the help of cloud computing and tablets, a shop owner does not need to install these POS anymore! Check out the info graphic to see how else the iPad has been changing the small businesses!

how the ipad is revolutionizing industries infographic

Infographic by: ipadenclosures

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