How To Live To 100 Infographic

In England, at least 1/3 children of the age of 10 to 11 are obese or suffering from weight related issues. To get the solution, parents are advised to engage in physical activates and prefer walking or cycling while with the kids. Also, it is advised to increase the outdoor games during the weekends. The diet suggested for the kids comprises carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals, which means, the lunch should contain starchy foods like bread, cheese, yoghurt, meat, fish, beans, eggs, fruits and vegetable salads.

Smoking is also found to be common and at least 25% of students have tried smoking. Adult who smoke are killed by this very habit and this is true in case of 50% of the adults who smoke. When smoking is stopped, the lungs are healthy, wallet is full and environment is not polluted. Also, more than 25% of men, between 16 and 24 years of age disclosed of drinking more than 8 units of alcohol each day. A few ways to stop drinking include, deciding on the amount to be drunk the next day, taking out money just for the decided amount, let family and friends know about this, and taking in water before drinking. In middle aged people and older adults, eating the right foods and exercising can help a lot to live longer.

how to live to 100 infographicInfographic by: bmihealthcare

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