How To Organize Your Fridge Infographic

Know your fridge before you start organizing its contents. The top and the middle shelves in your fridge are warmest and are best suitable for pre-prepared foods such as dairy products. Cooked meat and leftovers should be stored in containers in the shelf underneath. The bottom most shelf is the coldest part so it is apt to store raw meat, fish and poultry. Any liquid content can also be stored in this part as there are fewer chances of these dripping into the other shelves.

Fruit and vegetables should be stored in drawer. Some of the vegetable trays come with features such as humidity control and these help in retaining the moisture in the vegetables. The door racks are exposed to warn air every time you open the fridge door and therefore things like eggs, jam, fruit juice and butter can be stored in these areas. It is a good practice to keep the fridge below 5 degrees. Food that is prepared should be kept outside for the shortest duration. Leftovers should be refrigerated within ninety minutes and should be consumed within two days.

Remember that one out of ten people suffer from food poisoning every year and studies have shown that contamination and unhealthy storage habits are the main reasons for these.

how to organize your fridge infographic

Infographic by: appliancecity

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