Inside the Courtroom Infographic

The courtroom is a place where the convict is brought to trial and justice is served. But there are many who might not have witnessed a real court room and would like to know the exact details. The courtroom area comprises of a bar, which is a railing that separates the section, which is reserved for attorneys, judges and the jury from the public. The Jury Box is an enclosed region, where the jurors are seated for hearing evidence presented. The Jury room is outside the court-room, a place for the jury or deliberate. The Witness Stand is a chair that is occupied by a witness to give testimony. The Judge’s Chambers is a private office, where the Judge would enter the court. The courtroom participants include the Foreperson, Grand Jury, Court Reporter, Judge, Defendant, Counsel, Defense, Witness, Prosecution, Clerk and Baliff. Each of them has a role that is defined very clearly. Some of the interesting US courthouses are the ‘King William County Courthouse’ that is considered to be the oldest in the country. The largest is ‘Thomas F. Eagleton U.S. Courthouse’, that is located in St. Louis. The smallest is the ‘Arthur County Courthouse’ that has been built in 1914 and is presently ‘Arthur County Museum’.

inside the courtroom infographicInfographic by: livesaymyers

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