Light Pollution Infographic

There are four different types of light pollution. Urban sky glow is the brightening of the night sky across inhabited areas. Light trespass is the light falling on areas where it is not intended or needed. Excess amount of brightness which can actually cause a lot of discomfort to the eyes is called Glare. Bright light that can lead to excess amount of light sources is also known as clutter. The light usage in US turns out to be four hundred and sixty one billion kilowatt hours. This estimate is the use of light in residential and commercial areas.

Studies show that people working during night shifts are more likely to develop breast cancer when compared to day shift workers. Insomnia, depression and cardiovascular disease can be developed as a result of exposure to light during deep sleep. It is therefore important that you have proper lighting arrangement in your bed rooms.

Sockeye Salmon, a variety of fish is found to stop swimming when exposed to light. When bats are exposed to light, they tend to stop hunting at night. Turtles especially the young ones get lost when exposed to light.

Fluorescent light leads to tumor formation and breast cancer while sunlight increases stress ratio in human beings. It is therefore advisable to make use of LED lights wherever feasible.

light pollution infographicInfographic by: ledlightpanel

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