Mad Men In The Modern Tech World Infographic

Ever imagined “Mad Men” in today’s Hi tech world. No? This info graphic is just what you need. Beginning with Don draper, he supposedly schedules his hook-ups with the ” singles around me ” app and scrolls through various magazines on his IPod trying to get inspiration for his new campaign! Moving onto Joan Harris, Joan’s default camera setting is integral and it is also her favourite while sending with pictures to her fans. Joan keeps in touch with her military husband through sexy Skype dates while he is away and she has over 20,000 followers on twitter.

Coming to Peter Campbell, Pete uses his Nike+ sensor to help him train for the NYC marathon, waits for time infinity in front of Apple stores to capture their new releases and was one of the first people to own an iPad 3! Pete is supposedly a Google+ enthusiast and is eagerly waiting for it to start dominating the social media territory.

Peggy won’t change her Blackberry for a new brand of smart phone while Roger is a big Angry Birds addict and enjoys a round or two while in the loo time and again! Plenty of more fun ” Mad men ” in today’s world photos in the Info graphic. Make sure you don’t miss it!

mad men in the modern tech world infographic

Infographic by: infolinks

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