Measure Content Marketing Infographic

Content marketing helps in creation of awareness, supporting consideration, and converting people into customers. A higher ranking in search engine result page, increase in the sites first time visitors, metrics like followers, likes and votes help in exposing a brand or service to the masses. Online experiences start with search engine action. The obvious fact is that seventy five percent of the people who search do not move to the next page of search results. The quality of content in a site plays a great role as it increases the number of keywords leading to a better ranking.

Social media sites are great means of content distribution. The end customers normally access these sites before they go ahead with the purchase. Product reviews are excellent means of getting an idea on the service or brand. These sites are best means to enhance the traffic, improve the followers list, and get a better search engine ranking. Increase in the total page views, longer visit duration, social metrics and low bounce rates are key to inspiration of customers to read, comment and download. Sales can be measured by having a check on the increased conversion rate, social metrics, and determining the subscriber and non-subscriber behavior. Over thirty three percent of the customer bases is built over search engine searches and more than seventy seven percent of companies have acquired end users from Facebook. The existing clients share their experience through blogs, message boards and social media.

measure content marketing infographic

Infographic by: brandpoint

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