Pet Or Pest Infographic

Do you know a pet can lead to more than six hundred dollars of damage to your belongings? It is found that more than thirty million pet owners in UK have had a loss of six hundred and fifty dollars. They have been spent only for replacements, restorations and repairs which was caused due to the presence of pets. Studies have shown that the cost of replacing a furniture can cost to a minimum of two hundred dollars. Some pets also have a habit of swallowing small items and these items are usually found to be valuables. They tend to cost to around fifty five dollars. Pets like cats and dogs normally scratch sofas and cushions and the cost that you pay for their replacements tend to be high. Damage to plants in the garden and lawn is also very common especially when there are pets at home.

If you have been looking for tips to minimize these damages then here are some. Use of deodorizing products to clean up pet urine, odors and other areas is a good idea. Stick tape to surfaces where you find your pet scratching quiet often. Make sure that your pet has a lot of toys to play so that they do not spend time in damage of household goods.

pet or pest infographicInfographic by: moneysupermarket


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