PR Then and Now Infographic

Press releases have changed over a period of time. Previously, there was a reporter, who used to provide information. These days, there are bloggers, and it has been reported that about 164 million blogs had been published in 2011, an increase from 3 million in the year 2006. In 1832, U.S. postal service had processed 554 million mail pieces each day. As of 2012 from 1992, U.S. consumers had received and sent an average of 6.1 billion messages a day. It costed $519 for a round trip flight for the in-person media tours, but now, this work is done in just 10 minutes through phone calls. The news circulation was about 4 million in 2003, while the daily beast that debuted in the year 2008, is visited by over 18 million people.

Press conferences have been taken over by Twitter chats. While newspaper advertisement revenues fell, social media campaigns are enjoying enhanced web traffic and 78% say it generates much better leads. Pinterest is much more popular than product shots. News clips and user feedback replaced by news links and social media chatter, while live demos with video demos. People these days refer to Twitter, YouTube, infographics and mobile news apps, instead of referring to the evening news, watching television, using excel spreadsheets and online news.

pr then and now infographic

Infographic by: inkhouse

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