Relationship Matters The Most In Modern Selling Infographic

Sales and marketing have undergone a lot of changes during the recent years. Technological advancements and of course the web has led to a difference in sales compared to the previous years. These advancements have given rise to a lot of challenges and opportunities for sales executives.

A lot of studies have been done in this area and resulted in the consolidation of guides. Research have shown that more than fifty five percent of the sales executives find that social media networking does not have much effect on their sales efforts and around sixty percent find that the buying process has changed compared to the traditional sales methods that was followed before. The widespread use of the internet has created a lot of awareness and information is readily available to the end user. Sales executives have the same information that is available to the end user as a result transparency is guaranteed. Many of the customers do not attend calls from numbers unknown to them as they have caller id facility in their phones, this makes sales more difficult. Sales professionals also feel that calling the customer does not give better prospects of sales.

The traditional sales strategy starts with the call to the end user. Trips to the user’s place were found to be more effective and this mainly included travel, dinner and accommodations. These days, the buying process starts with a Google search. The customer can find most of the information in the web and therefore he looks forward to meet a sales executive who can provide more information. Basically, modern sales revolves around expanding the customer contacts by using the existing relationships with customers, searching for new customers, focusing on building new client links by understanding their needs and building expertise by posting relevant content online. Mailing lists are great means of building a good client database.

relationship matters the most in modern selling infographicInfographic by: introhive

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