SEO Then And Now Infographic

Traditionally, SEO was based on specific keywords. These specific keywords were basically chosen based on the high search criteria. Today, the keywords are chosen with a wider range in mind. We focus on intent and data from PPC conversions.

User experience was poor when traditional SEO strategies were considered. After a site is optimized, the user gets his chance to use it and then get to know the drawbacks. While in the latest SEO techniques, user is given the first priority. Average time visit per site, pages per visit and reduced bounce rates are some of the basic things that are taken into account. Tagging is given more importance which helps in driving more traffic. Title tags are also optimized. Almost every site that is developed today allow mobile downloads and browsing features. Performance of the site with respect to speed and the rankings in the search result page is of key importance.

Earlier content focus was predominantly based on keyword density. Today Content that is targeted to attract more traffic and audience is the main focus. A high keyword density can lead to spamming in the email box. The latest SEO techniques makes use of content in different forms such as infographics, videos, internet memes, documents and many more.

Link building, Guest blogging, Quality checked submissions are key to SEO.

seo then and now infographic

Infographic by: fuzzone

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