SOPA And The Film Industry Infographic

The birth of the movie industry was with the 35m film and theatres were the only way to display the content of these films for decades. But as the technology slowly progressed, mankind saw the arrivals of cable, DVD’s and the Internet. Now this meant very bad news for the studios! And they began their relentless endeavour to stop the new technology from spreading with the help of courts and legislation. With each new technology popping up in the years ranging from the CD’s to the online cloud storage, every time the studios opposed to the technology and tried to prevent the new technology as they were in danger of running out of business.

The SOPA bill and the blocking of DNS is the result of people with anti-piracy title has a much bigger clout than the new technology’s head. Corporations are given unjustified power by the SOPA to censor about every other site on the Internet. This is like an instance when your store gets shoplifted and you are allowed by the Government to shut your store down.

The movie industry is constantly fighting new technology aided by SOPA! And then people are seen to wonder why the movie industry could not develop as much as the Silicon Valley! Hilarious, isn’t it?

sopa and the film industry infographic

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