The Economics Of Drug Abuse Infographic

About 9 percent of the American population use drugs. There are people who are above the age of 12 currently using drugs. The oft consumed drug is marijuana, and next place goes to the drugs prescribed for medical reasons. The less consumed drug is heroin. The cost of these drugs play a vital role in deciding about the drugs used. The cost of heroin is higher with $110 per gram, and marijuana costs $20 per gram, which makes it the most often consumed drug. The other drugs like hallucinogens cost $150 per gram, cocaine $60 per gram, and the prescription pills cost $5.

The cost involved in the drug abuse and the related judiciary system collectively end up in $193096930000. This amount of money can let every American get an iPad every year. 300 billion dollars are spent on drugs and the cost to economy. This amount can be distributed to all the Americans as $950 or $40 to all the world citizens. This can as well be contributed for 2 million students’ college fee or even end the world hunger or is enough to buy the Google. This analysis clearly states the money which can put an end to various issues is wasted on drugs.

the economics of drug abuse infographicInfographic by: 12keysrehab

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