The Most Regrettable Tattoos Ever Infographic

Did you know that tattoos are in existence for more than around five thousand year? They have been popular from then but many of us were not aware of their presence. Use of tattoos is on a rise and it increased drastically last year when more than thirty two percent of the population started using it. Forty five million Americans sport a tattoo at least once. If you see the rates that a senior tattoo artist makes for an hour, it is really amazing and after getting to know these values, you would definitely think of a career in this area. A senior artist gets around hundred to hundred and fifty dollars per hour. The average price of a small tattoos ranges from forty five to two hundred dollars. A full back tattoo is around two thousand to four thousand dollars which takes from seven to ten hours for completion.

Tattoos can be engraved in the forehead, arms, back, hands, legs, chest and other areas. Unlike traditional days, tattoos can now be completely removed by using laser tattoo removal techniques. Traditionally, there were no ways a tattoo could be removed and people who have already engraved them do not have any other option other than living with them.

the most regrettable tattoos ever infographicInfographic by: laseraway

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