The Real Cost of New Years Resolutions Infographic

Do you have a New Year resolution? Well recent survey shows that only forty five percent of the entire population of Americans makes resolutions out of which only eight percent are successfully keeping them up. The most common resolution is to lose weight. Eight hundred dollars can be used to create home spa. Hot water oil bath refreshes the mind and body. Use of rich skin creams is a great way of relaxing.Homemade healthy juice is a good means of dieting too.

Smoking is another aspect which most of us try to quit. The amazing thing is though many of us take this resolution, only a few of them stick to it. Getting organized and keeping things in its respective places is another common resolution. There are few resolutions that help you in saving a few extra bucks. For instance, resolutions like biking to work, spending quality time with family by going out of a maximum of two movies per month and limiting the cost of dining out. Taking your family out to free museums and parks, borrowing books from libraries instead of purchasing them are also ways of reducing your expenditure.

Set short term goals, spend time with people who would help you in keeping up your resolutions, focus on positive activities, are few tips that would help you in keeping up your resolutions.

the real cost of new years resolutions infographicInfographic by: bedbathandbeyond


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