The Return Of New Home Builders & The Changing American Home Infographic

The housing market is booming these days and this is improving the customer traffic, sales compared to those in the year 2006. Forty four percent of the housing stock was built in 1970 and the taste of homes and their amenities have drastically changed from that period. Homes have become bigger in size. An approximate of two thousand and two hundred square footage of area is required for a single family these days while a thousand five hundred was found to be enough before 1961. The amenities that are necessary for a home that built between 2005-2009 requires dishwasher, washing machine, centralized AC, clothes dryer, garbage disposal, warm air furnace, electric heater and trash compactor. Safety features like smoke detector, fire extinguisher, carbon monoxide detector and sprinkler system are also nice to haves in many homes. In 1990’s, washing machines, clothes dryer and dish washers were the only amenities found in many homes.

Architect firms are increasing in America and most of the homes built come with garage/carparking, Porch and balcony, separate dining rooms, a home office setup and at least four bed rooms. Some of the homes have a swimming pool. Other additional amenities include rainwater catchment facility, outdoor living space and security lighting system.

the return of new home builders the changing american home infographicInfographic by: hhudsonhomes

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