The Ultimate Guide To Calories Infographic

The amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one gram of water by about one degree Celsius is known as Calorie. The term calorie was introduced in 1824 as the measurement of heat. Nowadays, it is being extensively used as a unit of measurement for energy that is contained in food and drinks. It is found that the average man requires around two thousand five hundred calories per day and for a woman it should be around two thousand calories. The term empty calories are derived from fats and added sugar. Cakes and other junk foods contain a lot of empty calories. Monster thick burger is found to have around one thousand three hundred calories of empty calories. Triple Whopper with cheese, big breakfast with hot cakes, double whopper with cheese contain about one thousand two hundred and thirty calories, one thousand and ninety calories, nine hundred and ninety calories respectively. These are some of the deadly junk items that increase the empty calories in the body. As per a recent survey the most popular takeaways include fish, chips, kebab, chicken tikka masala, egg fried rice, vegetable spring rolls, and Pizza. Dancing, Football, swimming and running are some of the activities that tend to burn calories and these should be included in the daily routine.

the ultimate guide to calories infographicInfographic by: lifequotes4u

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