Things That Are Stress Busters Infographic

There are certain things that a LinkedIn influencer cannot work without. Some of the common tools are include an assistant. There are many LinkedIn users who feel that they cannot work throughout the day without an assistant.

Music is a very common stress buster and when you are completely stressed out and have a lot of pending work, enjoying a piece of music while you work gives you a lot of energy. Meg Whitman, CEO Hewlett Packard feels that listening to music while working entertains her. Hearing music while you work calms you down says Deepak Chopra, Founder or Deepak Chopra LLC.

Smiling is an easy task that can win over thousands of hearts. It is easier to accomplish things when you have a smile on your face says Naomi Simson, Founder of Red Balloon. Watches help you to get to know the time. These days’ watches are coming up with a number of new technologies. They come with ample number of features. The new releases gives you lot more stuff and watches are becoming more useful says Craig Newmark, Founder Craigconnects.

Many people use different strategies to keep healthy and fit. Swimming is one of the means of keeping yourself fit and of course gives you mental strength. Esther Dyson, Principal EDventure feels swimming is important for her physical as well as mental health.

things that are stress busters infographic

Infographic by: linkedin

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