Top Personality Types In Every Office Infographic

There are a few personality types in every office. The passive aggressors are people, who keep complaining about others. They also mention how hard they worked. These sorts of people are those who leave anonymous notes. Backstabbers are those who are stealthy and creepy, and watch every move of yours and badmouth about you. The kitchen slobs are those who mess up the oven, counter and the sink. Chatterboxes scare everyone in the office with the 30 minutes boring speech. They go on talking forever even when nobody is listening. The delegators are people, who delegate work to others but do nothing themselves.

Another type is the workaholics, who spend major part of the day at work. They are unstable, independent, determined and firm. The noisemakers are those who never think of how their actions disturb others. Meeting schedulers love to schedule meetings and meetings all-round the year is essential for them. Gossipers love to gossip about everything in the office from someone’s eating habits to troubled marriage. The overly ambitious summer intern are greater workers initially but cannot be relied upon as time goes on. The Debbie Downers never leave the workplace for years but keep complaining about the workload, organization and colleagues. The email overloader fills your inbox with all kinds of mails. The RMI sharer shares everything from health issues to relationship problems. In spite of getting warning about sharing delicate things from HR, they continue doing it.

top personality types in every office infographicInfographic by: pens

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