Van Gogh Infographic

Van Gogh is often associated to the missing ears, which he had cut and given to a prostitute, and the sunflowers. There are many other details to be known about this great painter. 206 paintings of Van Gogh are displayed in Amsterdam museum, dedicated to Van Gogh alone. The recent 31 selling’s of Van Gogh’s work fetch $670 million, which can buy 268 bikes or 4369422 trips to Amsterdam. Van Gogh has loads of works, which include 2000 artworks and 900 paintings, but could sell only one when he lived.

Van Gogh shares his birthday, March 30th with Celine Dion, Piers Morgan and MC Hammer. His best works can be seen in museums of Paris, Rome, Germany, Stockholm and Amsterdam. His portrait on Dr. Grachet fetched $144.1 million. 12 Dennis Bergkamps can be bought with this money. Dennis Bergkamps is the most popular and great footballer of Holland. Van Gogh used Ocher Yellow, Cadmium Yellow, Chrome Yellow, Red Ocher, Sienna Black, Orange Vermilion, lead white and zinc white colors much in his paintings. Van Gogh is also popular for the letters he had sent, which were 800 in number and weigh 22KG, which is almost the weight of the quarter of a baby elephant.

Van Gogh InfographicInfographic by: easyjet

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