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What Google Knows and Where They Get It Infographic

Let’s play a little game! Imagine a list containing each and every webpage you visited in the past 5 years, every single thing you have searched on Google for, every personal message, all of the emails u ever sent and even which YouTube videos you watched. Each and every one of these entries are recorded along with a timestamp thereby denoting exactly when this was done. Next imagine this can be searched and that too on a website. What if a hacker uses this against you?

Done imagining? Now pay a visit to Google dashboard and see it all turn into goddamn reality! It is needless to say that if someone got access to your Google dashboard, he would search for more than six-tentacle octopus’. The consequences could be many-fold ranging from blackmail to cyber crime to much deeper crimes of identity theft.

Another alarming fact is that the FBI can turn each and every smart phone into a spying device using the android technology of Google as per a spokesperson from the FBI. The FBI will then be able to record conversations, monitor messages and step into your personal life in every possible way, with you being completely unaware of it. This can also be done to microphones in laptops. Personal? Nothing’s personal these days.

what google knows and where they get it infographicInfographic by: worldwidelearn

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