What Sells on the Black Market? Infographic

There are indeed plenty of things that are sold on the black markets. More than 1.8 billion people are said to be involved in the black market jobs worldwide. Body parts is said to comprise a whopping $625.63 billion the different body parts sold in the black market include Scalp, Pair of Eyeballs, Coronary Artery, Liver, Gall Bladder, Stomach, Small Intestine, Skin, Pint of Blood, Skull with teeth, Shoulder, Heart, Spleen, Hand and Forearm. Kidneys are reported to make up about 75% of this trade and are worth $262,000.

10,000 illegal surgeries take place each year and 106,879 organs transplanted both legal and illegal. The organ markets are China, India and Pakistan. Even exotic animals like rhinoceros, tiger, turtles, snakes, chimpanzee, shark, elephant, etc. are not spared are eaten or killed for medicines. Oxycodone and other type of prescription drugs are the most used ones. Even there are plenty of deaths across the globe due to drugs; they have been selling well in the black market. Sperms black marketing has found their way, mostly in Canada and is thriving. Crude oil is another major that is being smuggled, largely due to the strict government regulations. It is said to be sold at half the price of the legal market, even during high prices and inflation.

what sells on the black market infographic

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