Women In Social Media Infographic

Recent research show that the women users who have access to social networking sites are comparatively more than that of men users. Eighty percent of the individuals have a social media profile out of which around seventy percent have a facebook account. Almost twelve hours per week is spent in social media networking sites and many of the people who have an account in these social media networking sites are linked to their best friends through these sites. It is seen that women enjoy spending time in these social networking sites as much as they like dating. These sites help people to manage their relationships as well as their time. Many women love to socialize online than in person.

People who are active in social media are found to watch TV offline than online. Women who are active in social networking sites are found to be more influential and participate in many engagement programs than those who are not available in these sites. A survey was conducted to know the percentage of women with less activity in social networks and it was found that only sixteen percent women had stopped their activity in social media while twenty eight percent of the women had less activity.

Social media does have a number of advantages and therefore being active in these sites add value.

women in social media infographic

Infographic by: webershandwick

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