101 Fascinating Cat Facts Infographic

As a pet owner you have a great responsibility. But all of the benefits make it worth it. Just make sure to take your time when selecting your furry friend and they’ll equally bring you joy

Many people who are new to pet ownership often have trouble deciding whether to get a cat or a dog. The common misconception that cats aren’t loyal or love their owners is one of the reasons they opt for dogs.

Perhaps people don’t realize just how great cats are. That’s why we’ve researched them and come up with 101 cat facts!

Cats spend a sizeable chunk of time grooming themselves – but it’s not only them. Their obsessive behavior is great for staying on top of hygiene, so all your furry friends stay clean!

Cats groom themselves for a number of different reasons and it helps them stay cool in the heat. Grooming also plays a role in bonding with strangers and can often help to relax them.

101 Fascinating Cat Facts Infographic

Infographic by: petpedia

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