5 Things The Government Has Done Infographic

It has become a common belief that the American government can do nothing right, but here is a list of 5 things the government has done right. The interstate highways are one among them. This is a great advantage as the freights would be charged higher and the cities would be more crowded. The communication is concentrated much and investments are laid on them. In a decade’s time of invention of the cable for electric telegraph, the 20,000 cables were installed. The same is a reason for the growth of satellite and TVs. The initial cost for long distance calls was $10 per minute and the same is reduced to a great extent these days.

Fuel efficiency is focused these days and the same would lead to the saving of $8000 on fuel costs. The department of education set up in the year of 1867 has paved way for setting up school systems that are effective. This system also paved way for providing loans and grants to the 15 million postsecondary students. A certain acts like the food and drug act declared in 1906, vaccines program for children which was brought into use in 1993 have improved the public health to a great extent.

5 things the government has done infographic 1
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