A Guide To Whey Protein Infographic

Unprocessed whey is a cheese production by-product. After the milk was heated and curdled, the watery part separated from the fatty parts during straining. That’s where whey is found.

A common type of protein in protein powders, whey helps in promoting muscle growth, reducing exercise-related injury & improving athletic performance.

Whey is found in milk and is processed before being sold as a dietary supplement. The two milk proteins are casein and whey. They need to be processed before they can be marketed. Whey protein is an excellent source of protein that contains all the essential amino acids.

Although whey protein is free from gluten , the majority of supplements are not pure whey. Unflavored whey is mostly unflavored and doesn’t taste great either. This is why it contains artificial sweeteners or sugar to make up for the flavor. Some whey protein powders may be glutamine-enriched, but this amino acid does not come from gluten in food. Thus it can’t trigger a reaction in people with celiac disease.

guide to whey proteinInfographic by: ahealthblog

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