All Eyes On India infographic

Surprising but true! Almost 20% of the people suffering from blindness in the world happen to live in India! Out of the 39 million blind populations all over the world, about 8% live in India. Indeed a country in desperate need of corneal transplants! Cataract has been identified as the leading cause of blindness in India. For those who are unfamiliar with the term cataract, it means clouding about the lens inside an eye.

The most common causes of corneal blindness are lack of Vitamin A, congenital disease or eye trauma! It might give us great hope that 4.6 million of the India’s blind population could be cured with corneal transplants! But at the current rate of corneal donation, it will take about 132 years to treat the 4.6 million existing blind people! Not to mention the new blind population that will rise up in these 132 years! Every year, an estimated figure of 150,000 corneal donations is required in order to successfully fight of corneal blindness in the upcoming 50 years.

Thus we can see that India desperately need awareness programs as well as prevention of the corneal blindness! Experts say that most of the causes of blindness can be cured if they can be detected in time.

all eyes on india infographic
Infographic by: tejkohlifoundation

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