Building The Perfect LinkedIn Profile Infographic

Are you looking for ways to build a perfect linkedin profile? Here are a few tips that will definitely give you better chances.

Upload a good, professional photo which is nicely cropped to show you face clearly. A photo gives more than seventy percent chances to find you in LinkedIn. Your profile should have a good headline which is catchy and gives a good impression about you. Your profile should have your professional email address. This will help people who are not in contact with you to email you.It is good idea to update your profile regularly with relevant content. This will help you in maintaining contact.

Your profile should have your experience details and your past roles. It is better to be less descriptive here. Including your project details is also great way of letting the other person know about what you are into. Give importance to skills and expertise and be precise to the list of awards you have received.

It is wonderful to have five to ten recommendations if not atleast aim for two. Join groups and it is good to have around fifty groups in your list. However, you should join groups that are of relevance to your nature of job.

building the perfect linkedin profile infographic

Infographic by: linkhumans

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