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  • 101 Fascinating Cat Facts Infographic1

    101 Fascinating Cat Facts Infographic

    As a pet owner you have a great responsibility. But all of the benefits make it worth it. Just make sure to take your time when selecting your furry friend and they’ll equally bring you joy Many people who are new to pet ownership often have trouble deciding whether to get a cat or a […] More

  • pets at christmas infographic 2
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    Pets At Christmas Infographic

    UK is a nation where the pets are loved the most. The owners treat the pets as part of their families and they even get gifts and presents for their pets on Christmas days. Of the families that own pets, at least 65% get gifts for their furry friends. 44% get gifts for their pets […] More

  • different eyes for different species infographic 1

    Different Eyes For Different Species Infographic

    The fastest muscle in human body, the eye has the capacity to see nearly colors of 2.7 million. The eyes can weigh just 28 grams in the body. The eyes of the different species have different features. The flies cannot focus because of the lack of pupils and can see only up to a yard, […] More

  • pet or pest infographic 1

    Pet Or Pest Infographic

    Do you know a pet can lead to more than six hundred dollars of damage to your belongings? It is found that more than thirty million pet owners in UK have had a loss of six hundred and fifty dollars. They have been spent only for replacements, restorations and repairs which was caused due to […] More