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  • top t shirt designs infographic 1

    Top T-Shirt Designs Infographic

    Do you know concert tees initially came into existence in 1970’s. T-shirts were sold only at concerts in the initial stages and then with the popularity it had among the masses, people started selling them at discounted rates. Hard rock café is a very well-known signature which has more than seventy thousand pieces. The tuxedo […] More

  • Van Gogh Infographic 1

    Van Gogh Infographic

    Van Gogh is often associated to the missing ears, which he had cut and given to a prostitute, and the sunflowers. There are many other details to be known about this great painter. 206 paintings of Van Gogh are displayed in Amsterdam museum, dedicated to Van Gogh alone. The recent 31 selling’s of Van Gogh’s […] More

  • dazzling blue infographic 1
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    Dazzling Blue Infographic

    Spring is the traditional time for florals and pastels. Dazzling blue is the top color for the season. More than twenty nine shows were featured in New York. Choloe is the designer who is found to have used the dazzling blue color. Normally, the dazzling blue color is paired with white during the shows.Anna Sui, […] More

  • sopa and the film industry infographic 1

    SOPA And The Film Industry Infographic

    The birth of the movie industry was with the 35m film and theatres were the only way to display the content of these films for decades. But as the technology slowly progressed, mankind saw the arrivals of cable, DVD’s and the Internet. Now this meant very bad news for the studios! And they began their […] More

  • evolution of logo design infographic 1

    Evolution of Logo Design Infographic

    The logo of a company is a trademark that links the company to its products or services for the public. We can also term the logo as the branding of a company. The public would not have been able to differentiate between companies had it not been for these brandings. If a logo is designed […] More