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  • How Emotions Screw Up Your Trading Results Infographic1

    How Emotions Screw Up Your Trading Results Infographic

    The average trader thinks they’ll find the right strategy and be able to make up for their lack of experience. But without an edge, it’s unlikely they’ll make any noticeable profit at all. Okay, I see where you’re coming from with that. A good trading strategy and a quality broker are very important pieces of […] More

  • metal buildings perfectly suited for handling the heavy snowfall 2

    Metal Buildings – Perfectly Suited for Handling the Heavy Snowfall

    It’s that time of year again! The air is crisp, and those little white flakes are floating in the air. No matter how much everyone loves hot chocolate, ice sports, and fuzzy sweaters, it doesn’t mitigate the truth that snow can also bring trouble. From frozen pipes to slick roadways, the best way to handle […] More

  • pr then and now infographic 1

    PR Then and Now Infographic

    Press releases have changed over a period of time. Previously, there was a reporter, who used to provide information. These days, there are bloggers, and it has been reported that about 164 million blogs had been published in 2011, an increase from 3 million in the year 2006. In 1832, U.S. postal service had processed […] More

  • How Do Colors Affect Purchases Infographic 1

    How Do Colors Affect Purchases Infographic

    Colors do affect purchases. At the time of marketing new launches, it is very important to take into account color and visual appearance over other factors. Visual appearance is given 93% preference, while texture 6% and sound/smell just 1%. 85% of the shoppers place color as the main reason for the purchase of a particular […] More

  • how the ipad is revolutionizing industries infographic 1
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    How The iPad Is Revolutionizing Industries Infographic

    As days pass by, we see tablets, most commonly the iPad from Apple, finding more and more application in businesses such as restaurants etc. The uses of these tablets are seen to change the entire process of conducting transactions as well as receiving the feedback from customers. In today’s world driven by data, we are […] More

  • relationship matters the most in modern selling infographic 1

    Relationship Matters The Most In Modern Selling Infographic

    Sales and marketing have undergone a lot of changes during the recent years. Technological advancements and of course the web has led to a difference in sales compared to the previous years. These advancements have given rise to a lot of challenges and opportunities for sales executives. A lot of studies have been done in […] More

  • how to write a killer customer case study infographic 1

    How To Write A Killer Customer Case Study Infographic

    To increase the leads by 88% the best content marketing tactic used is the customer case study. When you write the case study, you need to pick the right customer, else the efforts are wasted. When you choose a customer, make sure he or she is keen in participating, who is ready to use the […] More

  • how to buy a used car infographic 1

    How To Buy A Used Car Infographic

      Learn how to buy a used car and get the best bang for your buck. Finally, buying a used car can be difficult. It is important to remember that most dealers build about 20% gross margin into the used car’s asking price, so you can use this figure to calculate a fair price. In […] More

  • top personality types in every office infographic 1

    Top Personality Types In Every Office Infographic

    There are a few personality types in every office. The passive aggressors are people, who keep complaining about others. They also mention how hard they worked. These sorts of people are those who leave anonymous notes. Backstabbers are those who are stealthy and creepy, and watch every move of yours and badmouth about you. The […] More

  • the growing digital challenge to government money infographic 1

    The Growing Digital Challenge To Government Money Infographic

    The digital age is slowly challenging the government’s monopoly over issuing money. It is bringing in a lot of competition on the manner in which we are saving, spending and making payments. Concerns on inflation rate and problems due to money printing are leading to a lot of developments in the world of money. David […] More

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