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  • 10 places to see before theyre gone infographic 1

    10 Places To See Before They’re Gone Infographic

    Visiting places, across the globe is a passion for many individuals. However, it is important for them to select the list of some places that should be visited, before they disappear forever, due to manmade and natural reasons. Some of the reasons for the fast disappearance of the ecology system of a place is credited […] More

  • recycling the good the better and the best infographic 1

    Recycling: The Good, The Better and The Best Infographic

    The process of changing waste materials into useful products in order to stop wasting potentially re-usable materials, reducing the pressure on new raw materials and usage of energy, pollution of both air and water by incineration or land filling and also the need of disposing the waste in conventional methods. Recycling also reduces the production […] More

  • safe disposal of hazardous wastes infographic 1

    Safe Disposal Of Hazardous Wastes Infographic

    More than 100 million tons of hazardous materials generated in 2009 and some were burnt, some were buried and some were stabilized to be stored for long run. All the wastes underwent the rules and regulations of the government. The hazardous wastes are of many types like the household wastes, automotive wastes, biomedical wastes, pesticides […] More

  • light pollution infographic 1

    Light Pollution Infographic

    There are four different types of light pollution. Urban sky glow is the brightening of the night sky across inhabited areas. Light trespass is the light falling on areas where it is not intended or needed. Excess amount of brightness which can actually cause a lot of discomfort to the eyes is called Glare. Bright […] More