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    The Average Shoe Size for Women Infographic

    What is the average shoe size for women? We take a look at the average shoe size of women and see how it has changed over time, for example, did you know that the average shoe size for women in the 1950s was U.K. size 3.5, today it’s a size 6? Furthermore, we compare celebrity […] More

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    Dazzling Blue Infographic

    Spring is the traditional time for florals and pastels. Dazzling blue is the top color for the season. More than twenty nine shows were featured in New York. Choloe is the designer who is found to have used the dazzling blue color. Normally, the dazzling blue color is paired with white during the shows.Anna Sui, […] More

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    Fashion’s Most Outrageous Outfits Infographic

    Crazy clothing is becoming much popular among the celebrities. Here is the info about the celebrities who win in this fashion. Britney Spears used a live snake in 2001 VMA performance, which she confirmed in 2012 through her Twitter status. Kesha, who is now known for her outrageous clothing style was set to study in […] More