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  • Chocolate And Wine Pairing Guide Infographic1

    Chocolate And Wine Pairing Guide Infographic

    Pairing wine with chocolate can be an appealing idea, but it doesn’t always work. You might remember the last time you had wine with chocolate; it probably wasn’t very successful. Wine and chocolate both have intense fruity notes, which is what makes these pairings so tempting. Some wines and chocolates can be a good pairing […] More

  • healthy baking substitutions infographic 1
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    Healthy Baking Substitutions Infographic

    Here are a few recipes to make the everyday food routines healthier. When you make brownies use pureed black beans of a cup for 1 cup of flour. When you bake anything like cookies, breads, use 1 cup of whole wheat flour instead of 7/8 cup of flour. When you use whole wheat flour, the […] More