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  • Most Prescribed Drugs in America Infographic BID

    Most Prescribed Drugs in America Infographic

    The U.S. is home to over 130 million people who take prescribed medication to help them handle a variety of conditions and improve their quality of life Developments in medicine have allowed us to develop medications to help with some of the most common health conditions. These drugs have proven to be effective in reducing […] More

  • guide to whey protein1

    A Guide To Whey Protein Infographic

    Unprocessed whey is a cheese production by-product. After the milk was heated and curdled, the watery part separated from the fatty parts during straining. That’s where whey is found. A common type of protein in protein powders, whey helps in promoting muscle growth, reducing exercise-related injury & improving athletic performance. Whey is found in milk […] More

  • all eyes on india infographic 1

    All Eyes On India infographic

    Surprising but true! Almost 20% of the people suffering from blindness in the world happen to live in India! Out of the 39 million blind populations all over the world, about 8% live in India. Indeed a country in desperate need of corneal transplants! Cataract has been identified as the leading cause of blindness in […] More

  • got water why dehydration is making you fat and sick infographic 1

    Got Water? Why Dehydration Is Making You Fat And Sick Infographic

    Dehydration is the removal of water from the premises of the substance or space. From a medical standpoint, the disruption of homeostasis (internal balance of the body) is caused due to the reduction of water content in the body (dry skin, thick deteriorating blood circulation). The normal amount of body water varies between 60 and […] More

  • things that are stress busters infographic 1

    Things That Are Stress Busters Infographic

    There are certain things that a LinkedIn influencer cannot work without. Some of the common tools are include an assistant. There are many LinkedIn users who feel that they cannot work throughout the day without an assistant. Music is a very common stress buster and when you are completely stressed out and have a lot […] More

  • spotlight on essential oils infographic 1

    Spotlight on Essential Oils Infographic

    Essential oils are soluble in organic solvents extracts. The organic phase from steam distillates from plants or plant parts and gives a strong characteristic of the origin of plant odor. In addition to essential oils Hydrolates as byproducts of steam distillation. They contain the water-soluble components of the distilled plants and also in trace essential […] More

  • four stages of a migraine infographic 1

    Four Stages Of A Migraine Infographic

    Prodrome is a stage of migraine, which tells you about the onset of migraine with neck stiffness, sensitivity of smell and taste, euphoria, constipation, fatigue and food cravings. Aura is the next stage which leads to speech disturbances, numbness or needle sensation, vision of flash lights and objects or loss of vision. Most people do […] More

  • the ultimate guide to unplugging infographic 1
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    The Ultimate Guide To Unplugging Infographic

    Energy conservation refers to all measures to minimize the amount of energy consumed. Energy efficiency refers to the efficiency of the use of energy, ie the ratio of benefit to energy expenditure. There are financial incentives to save energy, in addition, there may constraints or restrictions. It is possible that the energy source is lower […] More

  • the economics of drug abuse infographic 1

    The Economics Of Drug Abuse Infographic

    About 9 percent of the American population use drugs. There are people who are above the age of 12 currently using drugs. The oft consumed drug is marijuana, and next place goes to the drugs prescribed for medical reasons. The less consumed drug is heroin. The cost of these drugs play a vital role in […] More

  • emotional intelligence infographic 1

    Emotional Intelligence Infographic

    Emotional intelligence (EI) is briefly defined as the ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups. The term was first introduced in 1985 by Wayne Payne in his doctoral dissertation entitled “A Study of Emotion: Developing Emotional Intelligence”. However, the concept was brought to public attention as early […] More

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