Facts About Winter Olympics Infographic

Skiers, gliders and everyone who like the snowy sports love the winter Olympics. With the next event in 2014, which would take place at Sochi, Russia here are a few interesting facts about the winter Olympics. Winter Olympics started in 1924 in France. Though started with 6 games, there are 7 now, biathlon, bobsleigh, ice hockey, skating, luge, curling and skiing. Bjorn Daejlie of Norway has won maximum number of golds and silvers, 8 and four respectively. Also, it is Norway, which has won more competitions and medals in winter Olympics, 303 medals.

Germany East and West are two different countries, but participated as a united team. The same was the case in 1991, where the countries, which were a part of Soviet union participated as a unified team. The venues of the winter Olympics are now tourist attractions. The Meribel resort in France is the venue of women’s alpine competition in 1992. Also, there are some facts that are The Nagano games held in 1998 were interrupted by excess snow fall. Hare, leopard and bear are the mascots for the game in Sochi. The games sled dog racing, speed skiing and bandy is the demonstration sports for the year 2014 in Sochi. Artificial snow too was used for the winter Olympics. This happened in 1980 when the games were held in Lake Placid, USA.

facts about winter olympics infographicInfographic by: clubmed

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