How Laughing is Beneficial to Your Health Infographic

Laughing has a lot of benefits as it is good for health. It is found that we laugh more than thirty times in a social atmosphere than when we are alone. Laughing helps in increasing the blood flow by twenty two percent. However, stress decreases the blood flow by more than thirty five percent. Females are found to laugh more than male members. Laughter helps in boosting the immune system and helps in relaxing the body. It improves respiration, stimulates circulation, reduces stress, increases the number of virus killing cells, it acts as a defense and raises the heart rate. It also induces positive emotions and enhances the mental functioning.

Laughter is found to signal social interest, social bonding and enhances the cooperation levels especially in a large group. Good health involves humor, creativity and joy. Studies show that men who are attracted to women tend to laugh more in their presence. Laughter is contagious which means people around you also tend to start laughing when you laugh. Doctors say that, “being happy is the best medicine that can cure all diseases”. It is therefore necessary that all of us laugh and make others around us also happy.

how laughing is beneficial to your health infographic

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