How To Build Your Green Home Infographic

Environmentally friendly homes (also called nature friendly or green) is a term used to refer to goods and services, laws , guidelines and policies related to homes affecting little or nothing in the environment. To warn consumers, products and services that respect the environment have an eco-label. In the absence of an international standard, the International Standards Organization does not endorse these tags.

A treatment plant treats waste water using solar energy, in the the green homes of Europe. The article produced by members of the European Union can use the EU eco-label. EMAS is another label used in the European Union indicating the direction and policies of the company are green instead of a product. In the United States, environmental marketing requires special attention. Ambiguous titles such as Eco-environment (environmentally friendly) can be confusing as there is no exact definition. Due to this, some regulators are setting certain guidelines.

The Environmental Protection Agency of the United States has determined that the use of the term Eco-environment cannot be used to determine whether a home is truly “green”. In Canada, a certificate is provided by the Environmental Choice Program Created in 1988. Only eight products were approved by the program and may directly use the mark on its label.

how to build your green home infographic

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